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Setting the Scene at Alter Rock

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Latest Update -Saturday 10th February18

I hope you get chance to climb, I know I don’t but I get it in where I can.

Laps on boulder panel 4, the green over hang. Big red holds, use hands and feet to get started. If its new to you try and do the problem 5 times. No resting hit the mat and back on. Progressing try campus training use the same problem. This is hands only no foot holds. Use this as a warm up or cool down. If its a cool down then use the figure board afterwards.


Traverses were done by Mark Pretty last Tuesday along with boulder panel 7. Symmetrical pink holds have various ways up, using holds and aretes, pairs of holds or just one set of holds so at least 5 ways up! Along with these there are a further 5 problems on the blue over hanging panel. The traverses make a good warm up while you wait for your partner or before you hit the routes to get your body and mind in place.

This week James should have been in to set short ropes, but he has changed it to the week after. Last chance to try the odd numbered short rope routes before James sets.

Want to know more about Steve McClure?

Beyond Limits – “A life through climbing” ISBN-10:1910240192

Steve McClure Autobiography - Beyond Limits

The link  below is worth a look, some great photos of Mark “Zippy” Pretty with Ben Moon both with (great) hair.’zippy’_pretty_and_andy_pollitt-9762


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