Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene at Alter Rock

The latest news on routes and problems

Latest Update -Thursday 30th  November 17

New set…

long ropes – lines 25, 28,38,43,48,51 were stripped and new routes added. Line 38 has 4 routes on it the yellow 4+ is a nice wandering line and the others are hard! Line 28 has a 4+ and Steve gap filled line 29 with a 5. Both are nice allowing access to top rope the harder lines. Opposite, 24 had an extra between the 2 hard lines and a 4 goes on swirls up 25 with 2 harder ones. 51 is a combination of flake and holds and another line added to 52. The yellow 6b+ has big moves and like the swirl on the same line the feature is not used for hands or feet on line 43. Steve did a great job with the amount he set, so do them justice.

Climbing like any sport is hard, but done on a regular basis it becomes easier. I now climb ropes twice a week and these routes seem easy for the grade. They are not I am just stronger in body and soul.

Just in…

More Smarts have arrived. If you haven’t tried one then ask and we can lend you one. The torch night went well except our delivery of torches failed to arrive and they are still not here. Apologies for those that couldn’t climb because they didn’t have torches. We will do another night and have torches to sell.

Next Set…

This will be Steve Tuesday 12th boulder panels 1, 2, 5 & 6


Steve Mcclure setting the scene
Steve Mcclure setting the scene






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