Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene at Alter Rock

The latest news on routes and problems

Latest Update -Wednesday 12th October 17

Latest set…

Iain made it in yesterday and spent the day setting long ropes over 5 lower offs putting 3 on each line. We had chance to climb them today while we moved the ropes around. The ropes have be moved to allow for top roping and lead climbing different routes from last week. There as 6 lines that have no top ropes or extenders insitu so bring your own rope and clips for that lead climb experience.

Back to Iains work, what a great set! Lines 23, 32, 34, 45, 53 were stripped with 15 new routes being added with grades from 3 – 8a+. The 8a+ was a customer request as they have been climbing the 8a.

Mammut Smart Belay – check it out

If you need a climbing partner then come and join me and others on Mondays, no extra charge. I am there from 4.15-7.15pm and if you want to give the Smart ago I will lend you mine.


Next Week

Even numbered short ropes being set by Iain Moodie, so do them while you can before they are changed.

Thursday is Adult Climbing club

Here is another change. This club is still running but Matt has been  harnessed up to do it. See more here about the weekly  coaching  sessions Matt is holding at Alter Rock, just £6 more for a 2 hour session.

Mon Wed Madness lge

New orange hold-1Steve M setting2-1


Matt Pearson doing his stuff
Matt Pearson doing his stuff
Ian Moodie in setting action
Ian Moodie in setting action
Steve Mcclure setting the scene
Steve Mcclure setting the scene
Mark 'Zippy' Pretty setting bouldering problems
Mark ‘Zippy’ Pretty setting bouldering problems








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