Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene at Alter Rock

The latest news on routes and problems

Latest Update – Wednesday 21st  June

This week – Traverse set

Matt set Monday bringing new life to the traverse wall and adding 2 new traverses to the bouldering wall. Purple being the hard one of the pair, orange being the easier but gets harder the further along you go. Purple has black tags on the holds and uses any feet whilst the blue tags show hands and feet on the easier line of orange holds.

Last week Short ropes

Talking with the instructors they informed me that last week a climber came in and did lines 17 -20 and got up them easily. Not a great feat she was 20 after all and there are lots off holds as they are easy lines. The amazing thing is she is blind and she had to feel for all the holds, no one told her where the hods were!

Mark “Zippy” Pretty came in last week and put loads of holds on lines 14 – 20, the short ropes. These start with grade 1  going up through the grades with a green 6b+ on the over hanging wall completing a set of 18 new colourful routes, for you to try. For beginners and juniors this is a great area for you as it has an abundance of holds.

There is a lot of discussion about the grades on 14 and 15. 6b+ shouldn’t be that easy. This will be discussed with Mark next week when he comes back, so come in and climb them before they get down graded.


Next week – Long ropes

Setting on Tuesday 27th June, lines 23,31,34,45,53. Mark Pretty will be in setting 15 new lines so you have 6 days to visit and climb the routes for a last time before they are gone for good.


Adult climbing club


 Don’t forget!

Mon Wed Madness lge

New easier holds.

New orange hold-1We’re putting these big orange and white holds on all panels and lines so there will be lots more easier routes and problems to choose from for beginners or warm-ups.

Steve M setting2-1


Matt Pearson doing his stuff
Matt Pearson doing his stuff

Ian Moodie in setting action
Ian Moodie in setting action
Steve Mcclure setting the scene
Steve Mcclure setting the scene
Mark 'Zippy' Pretty setting bouldering problems
Mark ‘Zippy’ Pretty setting bouldering problems





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