Adult climbing sessions


Come along on a Monday  and we’ll find you a belay buddy to climb with. Just turn up at 4.30 where an instructor will climb with you until 7.15pm. If others turn up we will mix and match, so if you turn up later you may well still get a chance to climb and stay after 7.15pm.


Develop your climbing technique in a social atmosphere . No climbing partner required! Whether you attend every week or just drop in from time to time, our Thursday Adult Climbing Club is an excellent coaching session for those new to climbing or more advanced climbers wanting to fine tune their skills.

Every Thursday: 19:00 – 21:00

Age: 18+

Price: £6 per person for 2 hours coaching – plus entry and any hire equipment costs.

No Upper body strength? No problem.

Despite the common belief, rock climbing is all about technique and not as strength focused as many people expect. Generally climbers compensate for incorrect technique with brute strength or struggle because of lack of strength. However with a little training in balance and poise, a route can suddenly change from a dramatic series of gruelling chin-ups to an elegant stroll up the wall.

The adult climbing club is perfect for people of all levels hitting a wall with their climbing or wondering how to get to that next grade. It’s also excellent for people who don’t have a climbing partner or simply for people wanting to climb in a group.

To attend the adult climbing club you can be at any level of ability however you must know how to belay and tie on using a figure of eight. If you aren’t at this level you can book on to our 3 hour beginners climbing course to get you up to speed to join the club.


If you have any questions, phone 01332 367200 or email

Come along and have some fun!