Junior Climbing Club (7-14 years)

Join our Junior Climbing Club and get the BuZZ!

Monage of young people climbing at Alter Rock

From just £8.50 a week

Alter Rock’s Junior Climbing Club is a fun and active after school physical and mental activity for children in Derby. Come for an hour every week, learn to climb and enjoy hanging out with other youngsters away from school.

For ages 7 – 14 (14-17 year olds can join our Youth Club)

An exciting and unique opportunity in Derby, the Alter Rock Junior Climbing Club offers a fun yet challenging place to get fit and develop climbing skills.  Also learn about teamwork, responsibility for others and have time to mix with a range of other children outside of school. It’s perfect for individuals who don’t get on with team sports and want to think for themselves.

Come regularly and your kids will pair up with buddies, help each other and achieve new feats of agility and problem-solving they didn’t realise they were capable of. If they choose, they can also work towards the nationally recognised climbing qualifications, NICAS, just pay for the logbook and we will include the extra tuition FREE.

Booking is essential, phone 01332 367200 today to reserve a place.

Junior Climbing Club Session Times

  • Monday 5 – 6pm
  • Wednesday 5 – 6pm
  • Thursday 5 – 6pm
  • Saturday 9 – 10am, 10 – 11am, 12pm  – 1pm 
  • Sunday 3 – 4pm

Price: £8.50 each week including all equipment. Pay monthly and it’s only £30 per month. If you pay monthly, there’s the bonus of a free week if there are five of your session days in the month. https://www.alter-rock.co.uk/special-offers/

Booking: Call us on 01332 367200 with your choice of regular day and time. Note spaces are limited for each session. If you have another commitment one week, you can switch days – if we have space.

NICAS logbooks are just £7.50 for Level 1-3 and £5 for Level 3-4. Pass NICAS awards and you will be a recognised climber at any centre in the UK.

Who might enjoy climbing?

Any youngster who likes to problem-solve, enjoys a challenge and wants to hang out with their mates. It’s a full body workout without having to wear a leotard and for those who like gymnastics and other sports it improves core body strength, agility and communication and trust with your partner.

For a great intro to why climbing appeals so much, watch this video starring Lucy Ross aged 13. Just For Fun from the British Mountaineering Council.

And learning to climb can lead to a lifetime’s enjoyment of a healthy, active hobby, climbing indoors and out all over the world.

Intermediate Climbing Club

The Intermediate Group is aimed at kids between 10 to 13 years old who have progressed beyond what Junior Club can provide but are not yet old enough to join Youth Club.

Monday  6 – 8pm
Wednesday 5 – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 12noon 
Cost £10.75 Staff will assess whether they are skilled enough to join this group.

Beginners Junior NICAS Course

Over six weekly sessions your children will work through Level one of the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS). Level one covers all the basic skills which your children need to climb indoors, bringing them up to a standard that will allow them to join any of our other junior clubs which run during the week and weekends.
Saturdays 9am – 10.30am

For details of the course content and dates of the next course check out our NICAS page or email us. If you join the Junior Climbing Club you can fit NICAS in to your regular sessions and only pay extra for the logbook.

Stand Alone course: £70 for six weeks including lifetime registration, NICAS logbook and equipment hire.

Once children have completed level one they can then continue on to levels 2, 3 and 4 attending any of the clubs through the week.

NICAS certificates-1

All climbers are required to register with Alter Rock, registration forms of under 18’s must always be signed by a parent or guardian. Parents of climbers aged Under 16 must visit the site before signing registration forms.

NICAS Information for Junior Club Climbers>>