Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene at Alter Rock



New Facebook page Alter Rock Chat. You can post what you like on this as long as its to do with climbing or if its funny or inspirational. There will be setting information on it and maybe tips on how to climb some of the routes. It is a platform to ask questions about how to do certain moves.

Need a partner ask on the chat page. Watch the video of the setters testing their set.


Its been sometime since the last update, even short ropes and a boulder set were completed by Zippy at the beginning of February and at the end of February and the beginning of March he did a long rope and a traverse set. Iain rang in sick so Zippy came in and set the short odd ropes at short notice, so at present lines 1-20 are all set by Zippy. Then we had a change of pace with a long rope set from Steve. This was 16 routes over 5 lower offs. He has made good use of the volumes, likewise Zippy did when he set a tufa route up the back wall.

Next set is Tuesday 26th boulders by Steve.

Zippys setting really suits shorter climbers as he puts a lot of holds on whereas Steve sets with feet in mind so to reach the next holds you have to get your feet and bodies in the right place. With both of them their harder climbs require strong fingers. Critical use of the holds as well, if its a pinch then use it as one like wise if its an undercut. The setters are trying to improve your skill base.

Happy climbing. Any comments please go to the alter rock chat on facebook.

Got a finger board if not buy one then use it to get strong fingers? There are many but why not try a Beast Maker and its App?


Please look at the setting board to see which lines are coming off and climb them for the last time next week before being replaced.


Lots more tips about climbing on our blog page.


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