Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene at Alter Rock



New Facebook page Alter Rock Chat. You can post what you like on this as long as its to do with climbing. There will be setting information on it and maybe tips on how to climb some of the routes. It is a platform to ask questions about how to do certain moves.


Apologies the last update was Tuesday 13th November. Doesn’t mean that the setting has not been taking place, it just means I have not updated the paperwork.

The planned set failed as the setter was ill so Steve came in on Friday 23rd and set long ropes, Iain then came in on Monday 3rd December and set the long ropes he was ill for followed by a boulder set on the Wednesday. Number 13 is hard, but 14 to 19 are hard but not as hard as 13! This was followed by long ropes and Steve doing 6 lines on Monday 10th December and then to finish off the year Iain came in and did the 9 even lines on the short ropes 27 routes in total.

Some don’t bother with the short ropes because they think they will be too easy as they are short, but because they are short they have to pack a lot of climbing in over a short distance so never over look them, especially after this set where there are a few 6c’s and a 7a.

Doing lots of routes is good for stamina, so once tied on try all 3 routes also if the route is easy for you its a good place to practice technique.

Moving forward and looking at next years setting starting with Mark Pretty who has just come back from his 3 months climbing trip in France.

Hopefully for Xmas you all got finger boards or money with which you can buy one. There are many but why not try a Beast Maker and its App?


Please look at the setting board to see which lines are coming off and climb them for the last time next week before being replaced.


Lots more tips about climbing on our blog page.


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