Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene at Alter Rock


Facebook page ‘Alter Rock Chat’.

You can post what you like as long as its to do with climbing, its funny, inspirational or all 3. There will be setting information and maybe tips on how to climb. It is a platform to ask questions or give advice.

Need a partner ask on the chat page.


Almost every week there is a new set at Alter Rock. This will be either long or short ropes or bouldering including traverses. We use freelance setters who are some of the UK’s and worlds best climbers. We are happy to receive feed back so if there’s anything in particular you want setting lets us know.

Happy climbing.

Any comments please go to the alter rock chat on facebook.

Got a hang board, if not buy one then use it to get strong fingers? There are many but why not try a Beast Maker and its App?

Please look at the setting board to see which lines are coming off and climb them for the last time before being replaced.

More tips about climbing on our blog page.