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Making the Most of Alter Rock’s Changing Sets: Part 1

How To Choose what routes to climb

By Garry Jackson
There is a regular pattern of setting at Alter Rock. To make the most out of this and to ensure you do not miss out you could follow this routine.
When I know a reset is about to happen, roughly about every 3 weeks, I climb the lines that are going to get stripped. This information is on the setting board in the centre and on this page, Setting the Scene.
A week later I will re-climb the same lines, but now on the newly set routes. Delighting in the new moves and working the new sequences, being introduced to some new challenges, which will become some of my new favourite routes.
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The following week and maybe also the week after, I will climb my favourite routes throughout the centre, being relaxed on comfortable moves and pulling hard to make the crux moves. Then its time for another new set so I will climb the routes that are about to be stripped and the cycle continues.
For me I climb every Tuesday with a regular partner. This works well as we don’t want to let each other down so we always turn up.